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Withdrawal Approvals & Well Rate Testing

Withdrawal Approvals (Groundwater and Surface):

If large volumes of water are needed Purearth has substantial experience in dealing with Nova Scotia Environment requirements to secure groundwater withdrawal approvals, and a firm understanding of the provincial and federal regulatory processes involved in gaining surface water withdrawal approvals.  Through our broad knowledge of the regulatory system, Purearth is able to navigate this otherwise complicated and step wise process to assure your withdrawal needs are approved.

Well Performance & Yield Analysis (Pumping Testing) A-Z:

  • Review the Nova Scotia Water Well Data Base and clients records to understand the construction, geology, and installation details of your well and other nearby wells.

  • Conduct a visual well inspection to verify site conditions, relevant well construction details, physical features near the well and surrounding area

  • ‘Sound’ the well to determine ‘apparent’ depth.

  • Recommend and conduct the appropriate pumping test:

    • fixed rate, 24, or 72 hr

    • stepped rate test, to determine short term peak yield potential

    • Standard CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation) fixed rate draw down and recovery  test, or

    • Process defined by client or required by Nova Scotia Environment

  • Analyze drawdown and recovery data to produce a professional yield determination report outlining the wells ability to meet, or not meet: CMHC thresholds, client needs/requirements or NSE Environment Regulations.

  • As required, or requested collect water quality sample/s for analysis by an accredited laboratory, and evaluate results based on the Health based and Asthenic limits of the Guidelines Canadian for Drinking Water Quality (GCDWQ).  Results to be included with yield determination report.

  • Tailor final report and recommendations to client’s needs and requests, and as required submit Application for Approval to Nova Scotia Environment.