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Groundwater and Surface Supply Services:

  • Groundwater supply consultation: exploration & development
  • Test Drilling: coordination and supervision
  • Environmental Assessment: Phase I,  Phase II, and Remediation; monitor well network installation & monitoring services
  • Regulatory Approvals:  Nova Scotia Environment Approval to Withdraw (Surface, and Groundwater), GUDI Protocol – Step 1 & Step 2
  • Canada Mortgage and Housing and Realtor Package services:  Water Quality Testing bacterial, uranium & arsenic, general chemistry, metals, and Pumping Rate Testing
  • Well yield testing:  Can your well provide an adequate water supply to support your proposed expansion, or can you consolidate your well field to use one or two high yield wells and save testing and operational costs?  Don’t guess your wells performance and sustainable water yield, know it and save operational costs, well drilling costs and plan better.
  • Well water quality analysis:  review and explain lab results and recommendation treatment if needed!

Purearth does not sell or install water treatment equipment