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Tap into your water potential with Purearth.

Looking to develop, maintain or monitor your water supply in a practical and sustainable manner? Then look to Purearth. Our mission is to help businesses and landowners tap into their water resource potential and discover all the options available to evaluate, develop and maintain that supply.

​Purearth is owned and operated by Terry Matheson, B.Sc., MASc. Civil, P.Geo. Terry brings over 25 years of hands-on water resource experience. He will work with you personally to understand your challenges, and proceed only on the problems you need solved.

Small problems don’t need big solutions.

​No business or resident wants to go broke hiring a large firm that sends junior staff to work with you—and then leaves you with a massive technical report and equally large invoice.

​With Purearth, personal contact assures that you are informed, while technical know-how assures that your water supply needs are being addressed. Terry fully understands the regulatory environment you need to navigate—and will act on your behalf to get you the practical and cost effective solution you need.

Purearth makes pure sense.