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Water Supply Development

Water Supply Development and System Upgrades:

Developing and maintaining a water supply is one of the most important and challenging tasks any business, farm or landowner will ever have to work through. Where should I look? How much water is down there? Do I really need to drill another well? Which drilling, system installation, and treatment contractors will give me the best prices? Should I drill or dig my well? Have I considered all my options? You need someone who can answer the obvious questions, and the ones you didn’t know to ask. For example, drill contractor prices vary widely and some quotes do not list all costs. As well, abilities and industry knowledge is an important factor in choosing a contractor. The high cost of drilling and installing your well and pumping system can be reduced with appropriate oversight and competitive bidding. Done right it is a once in a life time challenge, done wrong it can become a protracted and costly issue effecting your property value, and your families peace of mind. You need help and answers that save you time and money today, and assure smooth operation going forward. 

Purearth founder, Terry Matheson, has built a career out of turning water problems into practical water supply solutions. He understands the scientific principles and the regulatory framework you are working within. He also knows the most capable contractors and suppliers. Terry will work with you as a partner and advocate in your water resource project—to ensure that you achieve a cost effective, and sustainable water supply system.

Purearth will:

  • Work with you to understand the required cost elements and seek competitive bids, on local drill, or dug well contractors
  • Provide a best value recommendation and engage the contractor to construct your well.

  • Supervise your well siting, drilling, and construction

  • Produce a geological log of the soil and rock types, and water bearing horizons encountered during the construction of your well.

  • Provide the client with a graphic (to scale) log, and written geological log of the well and pump installation

  • Seek competitive bids on pump installation.

  • Collect samples for an accredited lab and evaluate the results for the Health based and Asthenic limits of the Canadian Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality (CGDWQ)

  • Providing direction ‘if’ treatment is required. Unfortunately well owners are still being oversold on treatment systems!

  • All report work, results and logs are stored in Purearth’s files for the client’s later reference, or forwarded to the client and deleted, as directed by the client.

*Purearth does not sell or install water treatment equipment